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Technology used for Security

With PassportGo‘s advanced digital enforcement solution, you can efficiently collect evidence, issue warnings, and citations, and improve revenue recovery, thanks to its powerful and transparent system that boosts staff productivity and promotes payment compliance, resulting in increased revenue.

Protective Software

Designed to Maximize Efficiency.

Photographic Enforcement

Transform Your Approach to Compliance Management

Improve your surroundings with stationary license plate recognition cameras for easy enforcement and smooth communication with parking violators.

Explore Revolutionary Methods

for Parking Enforcement and License Plate Recognition

Uncover an Abundance of CuttingEdge Features Within Our Parking Enforcement and License Plate Recognition Software.

Information and knowledge Made Easy!

Real-time synchronization: You can access all your data seamlessly with our system's automatic real-time synchronization, without the need for docking or downloading any files.

Vigilant monitoring: Monitor your officers actively while they are on duty. Improve both security measures and customer satisfaction by consistently observing and assessing them in real time.

Master of Beats: With our real-time GPS tracking system, you can streamline your officer's schedules and beats, ensuring optimal coverage in the most crucial areas.

Appropriate Reports: With customized reports, you can generate detailed information distinguishing frequent rule violators to direct the appropriate enforcement actions with precision.

Indicators displayed on a heatmap: The data from our ticket heatmap provides valuable insights into the most pressing areas of concern. By identifying potential issues such as inadequate signage or hardware malfunctions, and analyzing officer presence in those areas, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and make strategic adjustments to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Effortless Ticket Observation and Issuance

Our offline ticketing system allows you to easily generate tickets even without an internet connection, ensuring smooth enforcement processes.

Efficient Ticketing Tools and Services: Our state-of-the-art handheld ticketing equipment, including top brands like Zebra, N5s, and Bluetooth printers, simplifies the process and eliminates any hassle. Not to mention, our intuitive mobile app adds an extra level of ease to the overall experience.

Evidence captured flawlessly: Streamline the process by incorporating images, written observations, and internal data, guaranteeing that adjudication will be a seamless and effortless task.

Enchanting Digital Illustration: Transform your team into compliance experts with the cutting-edge digital chalking technology and stay ahead of scofflaws with ease. Boost productivity and maintain complete adherence like a pro!

Swiftly resolving citations and conflicts with ease!

Complete a transaction while out and about: Easily find and provide lawbreakers with efficient payment choices by uncovering relevant sources swiftly.

The sheer convenience and enchanting ease of mobile payments: Incorporate payment options into Passport's mobile parking app to facilitate citation payment.

Cooperative collaborator: Our business is in sync with top software companies like Barnacle and VERRA, ensuring we offer the best solutions to our clients.

Automated System for Submitting Appeals: Streamline the process of receiving appeal notifications and incorporate them into the court system in order to expedite the resolution process.

Historical references were carefully regulated: Organize the citations that are overdue, match them with the owner's details, and send out the notifications by mail.

Customized alerts: Issue official, branded notices to confirmed addresses through printing and postal mailing.

Intensify and prepare: Create a process for implementing extra charges for delinquent invoices, arrange and streamline payment plans, and facilitate the procedure for settling challenging payments.

LPR Magic Without a Hitch!

License Plate Magic: Scan plates with the skill of a pro! Easily track down active parking sessions, and permits, and keep an eye on possible violators without any difficulty.

Effective time management: Facilitate the enforcement of parking time restrictions by implementing a license plate scanning system that can detect and prevent unauthorized prolonged parking.

Efficient, effortless, and safe transaction management.

Improve Your Cash Flow and Reduce Expenses with PassportGo’s Payment Solutions

Collaborate with the leading professionals in payment solutions!

All-in-one solution: PassportGo‘s Payments acts as the adhesive that brings together all the components of our mobility management platform. With our reliable partners, handling payments has become effortless and hassle-free.

Simplification Exercise: Reduce the strain of managing your daily tasks and juggling responsibilities.

Reduce expenses: Your savings increase as processing expenses decrease, allowing you to keep more money.

Gateway-exempt area: Let‘s make things simpler and more efficient by removing third-party gateways and processors from the equation.

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